Neroli Essential Oil

The activity of the extraction and distillation of essential oils began with the great-grandfather of the OUAHADA family, in the early 1940 s in TUNISIA.
In 1959, the company OUAHADA was created with a distillation factory installed in NABEUL , a region of Cape Bon which covers 250 ha of orange plantations. OUAHADA TUNISIE S.A.R. L is specialized in the production of natural essential oils of Tunisian origin.

Aware of the importance and influence of its customers, The company OUAHADA TUNISIE has been very concerned about keeping its quality label. It has focused its efforts on the preservation of the natural product and offers its customers a pure raw material derived from distillation or extraction.

OUR PRODUCTS: Neroli, Rosemary & Myrtle Oil

Production consist of three groups of products:
- Those derived from the distillation of the products of the orange tree.
- Those derived from the distillation of forest plants.
- Various herbs, leaves, and dried fruit.

Neroli oil

Distillation par vapeur d'eau des fleurs d'oranger bigarade


Concrete orange

Extraction par des solvants de la fleur d'oranger (hexane)

Neroli Oil

Absolute orange

S'obtient à partir de la conrète qui 'est lavée l'alcool

Myrtle Oil

Absolute brout water

Obtenue par extraction au solvant volatile de l'eau de brout


Dried rosemary leaves

Elles sont entières ou coupées

Neroli Oil Tunisia

Rosemary oil

Provient de la distillation des tiges de romarin

Rosemary Oil

Myrtle oil

Provient de distillation des tiges de myrthe

Neroli Oil

petit grain oil

Obtenue par distillation des feuilles de bigaradier