distillation of essential oils


OUAHADA TUNISIA is a Tunisian company specializing in the extraction and distillation of essential oils. Founded in 1959, our company is committed to providing the highest quality products, sourced from carefully selected raw materials from the fertile regions of Tunisia.

Our modern facilities are equipped with the latest distillation and extraction technologies, ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly production. We have developed strong partnerships with local farmers who grow rosemary in ideal conditions, thus promoting the richness of active ingredients in the plants.
We use state-of-the-art extraction methods, such as steam distillation, to obtain pure, concentrated essential oils. This process guarantees the optimal preservation of the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the essences.

To ensure the purity and quality of our products, we conduct rigorous testing at every stage of the production process.

OUAHADA TUNISIA offers a wide range of essential oils, suitable for different applications, such as aromatherapy, cosmetics, and the food industry. Our mission is to offer products of exceptional quality while respecting nature and supporting the economic development of Tunisia.

OUAHADA TUNISIA aspires to be recognized as a leader in the essential oils industry, combining expertise, quality and social and environmental responsibility.